Sex and Your Headache

Mt. Royal, NJ - Ah Valentine’s Day – a day when love is in the air...but maybe not in the cards for some headache sufferers. The adage "Not tonight honey I have a headache" is in reality not an excuse for those who experience headaches resulting from sex.

There are two types of headaches related to sexual activity, a dull type and an explosive type. Some sufferers experience a dull ache as sexual activity increases. Others notice a sudden severe pain either as they approach or reach orgasm. About one in 100 people will experience a sex headache at some point during his or her lifetime. Men are more likely to experience sex headaches, and while these headaches are very distressing, they are usually not dangerous. However, according to Christine Lay, MD, Women's College Hospital, Toronto "Headaches that occur during sexual activity may at times be related to a more serious condition." People who experience sex headache for the first time should consult their doctor for an evaluation. If the headache is of the explosive type, immediate medical attention is recommended.

For the majority who experience benign sex-related headaches, Dr Lay says that "Medications can be helpful, and often assuming a less a physical role during sex can be beneficial," she adds. Sexual performance enhancing drugs, often used by men who have erectile dysfunction, but commonly used by many people simply to enhance the sexual experience, often trigger headache in migraine sufferers. Caution needs to be exercised when using these medications.

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